Route 66 Red Rocker

Jamie and I have taken it upon ourselves to visit as many roadside attractions as we can during our travels.  The Route 66 Red Rocker was the first we were able to check out. The giant red rocking chair, which used to be black, (and used to actually rock before they got scared of it and bolted it down) is touted as the world’s second largest rocking chair, though according to this article on Roadside America, it’s the third largest at the moment. That article also outlines the race for the giantest chair in America, which is super amusing to read about. There are a ton of giant chairs apparently. I think I would like visiting a giant chair better if I could sit in it and look tiny like Alice in Wonderland but this one you can only sit in once a year according to Roadside America, although that may not even be accurate since the little general store that used to sit beside the rocker is now closed down. I’ve actually seen it twice now, once when it was black in 2009 and then this year.

Definitely worth a stop to check out though, as it’s only five minutes off the interstate.

Route 66 Red Rocker
5957 Hwy ZZ, Fanning, MO
Around 90 miles south of St. Louis on I-44. Just off the interstate.
Free and open to the public.




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