Abandoned Buildings in Moselle, MO (Kindof A Ghost Town)

“Ghost Town” of Moselle, MO; About 60 miles south of St. Louis on I-44, about ten minutes off the interstate.

Moselle, MO is considered by many to be a ghost town but people do still live there. I am uncertain how the townsfolk of Moselle feel about urban explorers wandering around their town, but we weren’t bothered by anyone. There was a decent amount of activity on the road and there were definitely houses that were inhabited. What would probably be considered the main street area, though, is mostly abandoned. Five buildings, for sure, were uninhabited when we went. There was another that looked like the others, but there were some potted plants in the upstairs window and what looked like a security system, so we just left that building alone completely. Before I move on to the photos, I just want to say this is definitely a place worth visiting and exploring. There’s a lot to see, it’s easy to find, and easily accessible.



This was the building we did not walk around or attempt to look inside.

The second building along the road had a padlocked front door, which was good because from the window I peeked in you could see that the floor had fallen through. The back basement entrance to the building had also collapsed.



In the window of building two. The light bar at the top right of the photo is coming in from under the front door.


Collapsed basement entrance.


Above the collapsed basement entrance.


The third building was maybe the coolest, because there was an open back entrance to the basement and lots of stuff to see down there. I didn’t know if this would be the case with any buildings because we didn’t see any photos inside anything when we researched Moselle online.


Back stairs of building three.


The third, fourth and fifth buildings were across the street from the others. The first of these had a no trespassing sign so we didn’t go in. Also it looked pretty unstable. But the view through the windows was fine.



Back of building.


The next building on this side of the street was the one in the most disrepair, as it was missing walls.


The last building I’m including is just an abandoned house on main street with this serious Keep Out sign. We didn’t even go on the property. I just snapped a photo from the street.


Again, this is definitely worth the trip. Lots to see and it’s super easy to get there. Just take one exit off the highway and follow the road until you get there. We parked a ways down the street in an empty parking lot and walked the few blocks back to these buildings.




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